Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Reasons for Choosing the UofR

According to their facebook posts, here are some of the reasons students (class of 2013) chose UR over other schools. Campus atmosphere and people they met during their visit, flexible curriculum, , and financial aid seemed to be the factors most mentioned.

  • just love Rochester
  • had everything
  • traditional campus
  • atmosphere is "me"
  • scholarship
  • portable research grant (4)
  • people less intimidating
  • almost no one offers a microbiology major
  • fits my personality
  • feel most at home at UofR
  • has everything I want - engineering, great location, beautiful campus, amazing resources
  • feel more comfortable
  • better financial aid (yet several turned down full rides at other schools)
  • money was a huge issue
  • open curriculum
  • sciences
  • research situation always trumps an arts and science college
  • from rochester
  • cool program - I can study art and be premed
  • homey feeling
  • most money
  • people extremely nice
  • campus is gorgeous
  • incredibly nice people - left with such a happy feeling
  • people were great
  • gave off the right vibe - great place, awesome people, awesome campus
  • aid
  • balance between social and academic life
  • curriculum would easily allow you to study art and still fulfill all your premed reqs
  • opportunity for someone interested in both music and sciences
  • campus gorgeous
  • people were nice as could be
  • after visiting the Rochester campus allowed me to easily discard the other 7

Some students (posted in April) were still deciding. Financial aid was certainly a big factor as well as pressure from parents. Reasons given for NOT choosing the "other" school --- heard that the bio program is not as great as the UofR. Afraid of big class size at X.

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