Friday, June 05, 2009

Only electronic

I had a interesting dinner conversation last night with a science faculty member. He admitted that rather than coming to the library to copy an article only available in print, he would simply request it through ILL.  Why? Because the ILL article is delivered to him electronically as a pdf.  He didn't want a paper copy. He wanted the article in electronic form.  


RochChemLib said...

Yeah! At least our form isn't a barrier for him. The PDF is the reward. For him, all our stuff could be in offsite and he'd be fine.

Raveller said...

Actually, some of us encourage people to do that. I believe it's a service that we provide.

Jennifer said...

I think that's why more libraries are providing local document delivery services from paper collections----providing .pdfs for patrons since that's what they want.
The service also tells us what serials our users want online.