Thursday, February 03, 2011

Video with an iphone app

I took pictures with my iphone as I went through my day last Tuesday of Rush Rhees and Carlson Libraries. Using a free app, animoto, I created this fun "video".

Library Day In the Life

I had every intention of writing at least one blog post for the Library Day In The Life Project but ran out of time. I even had a fantasy at the beginning of the week that I could keep track of what I did all day. Ha Ha! It also turned out that a significant percentage of what I do is confidential and I can’t share the details. So how about some broad comments about what an AD does over a the course of a “typical” week?

  • I go to meetings, a lot of meetings. I have on average four hours of meetings every day, sometimes more. I eat my lunch at my desk almost every day. Most days someone still comes in and talks to me. I don’t know exactly what that says about ME that people are content to watch me shovel food into my mouth….

  • In addition to attending a lot of meeting, I schedule and reschedule meetings. It seems that one of my roles is nothing more than bringing the right people together into a room with a problem to solve.

  • Over a week, I have staff vent anger at me. I have staff cry. I encourage. I cajole. I give candid feedback. I am a cheerleader. I am a problem solver. I organize parties. I write and edit emails, job descriptions, and announcements.

  • I accomplish very little on my own. Almost everything I do involves working with other people. So I never feel I should really take credit for much of anything because I didn’t really do it myself.

And that’s all I can write in a few minutes of unscheduled time!