Friday, April 04, 2008

I Do Not Care Why

I do not care why.

When I look for the online version of Cell in our catalog (journal title), it's entry number 30.

Searching for Scientific American online by title -- number 76.

Philosophy (online) is entry number SIX HUNDRED AND FORTY ONE. (search by journal title)

I don't care about the cataloging rules. I don't care about the serials solutions load. I don't care. All I know is that people choose google and Amazon over the library catalog for good reason -- it's almost impossible to find things in our OPAC.

I gave a talk about how difficult it was to find PRINT serials in the OPAC at ALA in Miami in 1994 - almost fifteen years ago. I feel like I'm in clip from "Ground Hog Day".... The journals are online, but it's still just as hard to find them in the catalog.


BrendaR said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...


Eileen said...

This is exactly the reason that OPACs suck. I think we need to demand of our catalog providers (Endeavor) that they produce a product we like that serves our needs. They haven't been pushed to do it, and won't do it unless libraries require it.

kathy said...

I don't know what we'd (I'd) do without Jeff's eJournals list. I tell grad students to start with eJournals and if their journal's not there go directly to ILL unless they're here and need an article right away. And now I can tell undergrads the same thing!