Friday, April 18, 2008

Campus Tour

Just came back from a campus tour. The library was the only academic building we actually entered and the tour guide was pretty accurate.

  • The library is the "center of campus"
  • The library has "tons and tons of material"
  • She (the tour guide) loves studying in the periodical reading room, though it gets crowded. (Really? I wonder when that is?)
  • You can eat in the library.
  • She knew about the senior thesis exhibits in the Art and Music Library.
  • Multi media library is a "mini-blockbuster".
  • The pit is very popular in part because you can buy food there and take it to the library.
  • Not a single mention of reference, reserve, or even circulation.

Other miscellaneous statements:
  • The tunnels are "awesome". (Of course I beg to differ)
  • The buses are "really great". Really???
  • The University has pledged to buy only local food for the dining halls. (?!)
  • One of the mothers asked if the showers were open 24X7. ???!
  • Tour leader didn't have a clue as the significance of the dandelion .
  • She mispronounced Louvre, as in THE Louvre.....
  • We have a tanning salon on campus. Who knew?
  • Lots of questions from mothers about what hours the dining halls are open. What was that about?


LorraineP said...

Anyone who's ever been nagged by their mother about eating will understand this fascination with the dining hall hours. :)

62mockingbirds said...

my favorite tour comment of all time occurred in the dome between the statues and it went like this...
"and we totally like have this thing called library chat, and the librarians are like on it all the time and you can ask them questions, and they do your research for you, they totally love doing it..."

Pesky Librarians said...

Hi Katie! The only good thing I can say about the tours that go through our building is that I learn what our students think of the space: You can't eat in here; they have lots of books; you can talk as loud as you want downstairs but not upstairs (really?) and don't dump your bag here with the cellphone on - the librarians go nuts! Well, they usually preface with how nice the librarians are!