Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tweets by Undergraduates on the library

I've collected (in an extremely unscientific sample) comments on the library and books by the undergraduates I follow on twitter. Lots of procrastinting especially in Gleason and lots of comments about food!

should change her permanent address to somewhere on the academic quad... class/lib-ing it up is really taking a toll on my drunk bitch time.

Lazy day in Gleason with Camille, the Brownie, and the Bear. I love my life. Oh and James brought me steak...beeeyatchesss!!

Too tired to function at the moment. My shift ends at 6 and I still have to lib it up today. Can someone please shoot me?

Once again in the this makes it over 2 weeks of my life. Anyone up for a euthanasia?

@ Let me know when you want to do that quick walk through Rush Rhees

@ thanks katie haha I'm just sleep deprived from the late nights at the's awful.

Cracking up at the fact that our library is on the cover of the Princeton's Review top college book. Our lib must be so baller

Me + Garrett + Lib+ Late Nights = why the hell am in the library on a Friday night? What the hell has happened to me?

In the lib trying really really really heard to do this French workbook. It's not really working for me...shiiiit.

yeah sitting in gleason and I really need to find a table. PRONTO.

After waking up at 3, I'm finally in the library. Wooo!

It's so quiet in the Art and Music Library that I can actually hear the silence... maybe I should just stick to Gleason.

Is doing anything but studying. Thanks, Gleason.

doing nothing at Gleason like a TRUE U of R student.

In Quieter Study Area of Gleason with Julia and Christina :D... @UR_FASA study session!

The library is so full on a Saturday night, it's hard to find seats #onlyatuofr

Added "Gleason Library" to my places on twitter because it's basically my home and deserves to be repped.

girl with obnoxiously loud ringtone at a quiet study area got stares from everyone #learnyourlesson

I get to make a pyramid out of books and take a picture of it for 15 points extra credit. #awesome

Is it weird that I love using books but hate using online sources when I write research papers? Stuck in the 20th century, heh.

super quiet library. super loud stomach growls. match made in hell.

Restless in Gleason. Methinks I need Chinese food to concentrate on my readings for "Politics of Insurgency and Terrorism."

Why yes, I am that crazy girl who brings a bag to library to hold the 30+ books that I need to check out.

To all the engineers that go to UofR, please stop thinking that since you have a "hard" major you can play Blink 182 loudly in library.

The library is incredibly peaceful right now.

Procrastinating in the Wells-Brown Room. Typical finals week.

Curled up in the Wells Brown room, editing a book review on "Lying Awake," and drinking a fantastic cup of coffee. Life is good.

sitting in the library. no noise other than someone quietly hacking up phelgm and someone else cutting their nails. awful awful awful.

I've rekindled my love with Carlson...yes, Carlson Library <3

apitlyk I think that the only thing that I'm going to miss about the U of R is Rush Rhees (the library, not the tombstone of the man).

Not happy that the PRR and Great Hall will be closed for #meliora. Three midterms in the next two weeks AHH.

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