Monday, January 11, 2010

More Reading on the Kindle

Now that I have my *own* kindle, I have more to say about the reading experience. At my nieces recommendation, i bought the first book in the series, "The Warriors". The book is about cats, with very similar names - firepaw, moonpaw, starpaw, etc. etc. If I had read the book in print, I would have occasionally flipped back to the beginning to review the list of characters. I think you can do it on the kindle, but I don't know how and it's not intuitive. The barrier is too high for me to bother to figure it out. There is also a map in the front of the book, that my niece went out of her way to point out to me. I never even thought to look at it on the kindle. The resolution was poor and again I was flummoxed by how to flip to the front of the book.

I also find it difficult to *find* books on the kindle. It's not made for browsing, which is surprising, because the Amazon site is all about browsing.

On the plus side, I *love* being about to download a sample chapter for FREE. I downloaded at least a dozen sample chapters over the weekend. I will try them and if I like them, I can just buy them while I'm travelling. O.K. That's the best thing about the kindle - I can buy a book almost anywhere, anytime!


Dina said...

My favorite thing to do is sit down in my airplane seat, open the kindle, search the store, purchase a book, close the kindle and by the time we're in the air my new book is there. Sadly in my hurry I purchase some stinkers, but a few gems have been part of my last minute shopping.

sgibbons_digitalfuture said...

I much prefer to browse in Amazon with a computer and push the books and reviews that I want to my Kindle. If you don't know how, I can show you.