Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Newbery Project

This is going to be fun. Kathy found a group of people who are reading all the Newbery Award winning books. I am onboard! I've randomly read 14 so far. (I'm not counting books I read as a kid and can't remember anything about like "Johnny Tremain".)

  1. The Higher Power of Lucky - Sweet story with a happy ending. My favorite kind.
  2. Criss Cross - Hmmmmm. Read it twice and appreciated it more the second time.
  3. The Tale of Despereaux - Started very strong, but petered out...
  4. Holes - very scary. I had to keep telling myself it was only a book.
  5. Maniac Magee - My first Spineli book. No wonder kids love him.
  6. Sarah, Plain and Tall - The words in this book are beautiful.
  7. The Westing Game - This is a fantastic book. Of course I couldn't figure out the mystery.
  8. Bridge to Terabithia - Oh boy, I didn't see THAT coming.
  9. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH - Loved this book!!! What a surprising plot line.
  10. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler - Another great one.
  11. A Wrinkle in Time - Can you believe I had never read this book before? Fantastic.
  12. Onion John - Sweet and sad at the same time.
  13. The Twenty-One Balloons - Liked the premise, but found the book a little boring.
  14. Caddie Woodlawn - I remembered liking this book as a kid and it held up after all these years.
I'm going to take a systematic approach and start with the first winner in 1922 and work my way to the present. Here we go with "The Story of Mankind" by Hendrik Willem van Loon! I wonder how long it will take me to read the remaining 72 books?

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Lady said...

Holes was scary?
I will have to admit, there's something about 100+ year old jarred peaches that IS super scary.