Thursday, August 23, 2007

365 Library Days Project

I love the 365 Library Days Project on flickr. Libraryman (aka Michael Porter) invited libraries to post 365 photographs, or one picture a day, of their library to this flickr group. It so much fun to look at the pictures. I thought between tons of reading (blogs, listservs, actual articles) and attending conferences, I was "in the loop". But I always get new ideas when I look at these photos. Maybe there is something about looking at a picture instead of listening to a talk? Or do the pictures illustrate the real, day to day activities of the library that we don't think are worth of writing up in an article to talking about in a presentation? I have seen pictures of really clever signage, screen savers, and programming ideas. I guess the reason I look at them several times a week is because there is so much enthusiasm. How can you look at all those Harry Potter celebrations and not smile? How can you look at all the summer reading programs and not be happy that you're a librarian?

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