Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The best part of my day - Wegmans

What a horrible day I had yesterday. I should have predicted it -whenever I have big blocks of unscheduled time AND have big plans to finish a project, the day falls all to hell. I spent several hours editing two separate documents, only to discover that in both cases, I was not working off of the latest version. Grrrrrrr. The phone rang off the hook with - well I guess I probably shouldn't go there. But suffice it to say, many issues were brought to me that did NOT need immediate attention.... Oh yeah and I accidentally submitted a correction form and marked it **urgent**, when it wasn't at all. And even worse, I have a bad feeling that I got the problem wrong all together sigh. The only redeeming thing about the day was that I went to Wegmans after work and got to eat a bunch of free food. Though even there, I managed to knock down a display of ttravel cups not just once, but twice! Hopefully today will be a better day.

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