Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why do we make everything so hard????

I've been thinking a lot lately about book delivery. Why aren't we delivering books right to faculty offices??? Good lord, Netflix can deliver a DVD to your house and we can't take books to the building next door? And I think the librarians should do the book delivery, not student workers. What a fabulous opportunity for those casual conversations that are so important in developing a relationship. This started me to think about just getting books pulled and held at the circulation desk. Wow. I forget, we already do this!! Unfortunately the service (I use the term loosely) is so buried and non-intuitive that even I forgot about it. Librarian Avengers wrote a very timely post about book delivery at Cornell. It made me laugh out loud. How ridiculous is this??? It takes thirteen steps, thirteen hard steps, to get a book recalled and held at a circulation desk. And this is acceptable????

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